Anxiety & Stress

520023_78972496Most of us, unfortunately, experience stress and anxiety in our lives.  We live in a busy time and for many there is the feeling of being under pressure.  For some it is work, for others it’s relationship (or lack there of), but regardless, stress can be excruciating.

Craig’s human, warm, and accessible style can offer insight and solutions for those feeling the pressure of a stressful life.  Craig’s approach is to identify the stressors and help develop tools and skills to keep anxiety in check.

What Craig hopes to achieve with clients is a shift in how the stress “owns” us and possible tools that can help people navigate stressful situations.  Wise people I know believe “pain is the price of admission to a new life.”  By exploring how great gains usually are preceded by moments of pain we can often endure difficulties with a perspective that there are important lessons in these moments.

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