Men’s Issues

910278_47990856Men’s issues are very different from women’s and Craig has done extensive work on why modern man may be in pain.  Today’s man can’t show weakness and must be in control but often times feels quite the opposite inside.

What’s more, In our material society men are taught to chase money, power, and prestige as the solution to happiness, but many times find even if they reach their goals they continue to ache and need more.  This conflict of the outer and inner worlds can turn into painful stress, depression, and addiction.

If you’re a man suffering, and you know or don’t know why Craig may have some ideas and perspectives to help re-write the story of who you are and who you need to be.  Craig’s goal is simple–to empower men to find their inner truth and own it in the outside world.

Here is an interesting article about men’s suffering and struggle to get help>>