About Craig

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Craig Diamond is a San Diego & La Jolla based registered marriage and family therapist intern whose warm, real life approach offers comfort, support, insight, and guidance to clients of all ages.  Specializing in issues, crises and situations surrounding drug, alcohol and compulsive behaviors, couples and relationships, professional and career, families, money, parenting, children, teens and adolescents, men’s issues, sexuality, anxiety, depression and more, Craig offers a fresh perspective with a goal towards quick results.

Are you feeling down, depressed, sad or worried?   Are you currently going through a challenging life issue or transition? Are you feeling distressed because of relationship or family problems?  Have you experienced trauma in the past that continues to affect you to this day?  Are you concerned about your own, or a loved one’s drug use or compulsive behavior?

You don’t have to face these issues without support and guidance. Therapy can be a great opportunity to explore long-standing problems and to work through current stressors in the safety of a nurturing, non-judgmental environment. Craig provides empathy, compassion, and actionable insights designed to help you deal with personal and relational challenges, and lead a more fulfilling life.

Craig has over 500 hours of counseling experience and is a registered intern under the supervision of Sabrina Parr, LMFT #36401 – www.sabrina-parr.com.

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